Peterborough: An Academic Guide

From early childhood into adulthood, Peterborough offers many excellent schools and daycares to foster lifelong learning for your family. At Nature’s Edge, we recognize that choosing a school for your children is a big decision for your family. To help our future homeowners navigate the many academic options in Peterborough, we put together a simple guide of just some of the schools available to the families of Nature’s Edge.


Daycare in Peterborough

Parents looking for daycare in Peterborough can rest assured that there are many fabulous centres, both public and private, close to Nature’s Edge.

Discover just some of the options available in Peterborough:

School Districts

School Districts in Peterborough

Living in the Kawarthas offers many different educational options at all levels. With Catholic, Public, Private and even French Language schools, your children can learn at a school in your choice of school districts. Peterborough is home to three school districts: Kawartha Pineridge District School Board, Peterborough Victoria Northumberland Catholic School Board, and the Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique Centre-Sud.

Elementary Schools

Elementary Schools in Peterborough

Whether you’d prefer to give your children access to a Catholic or Public education, Peterborough is home to many academic institutions to support your child’s early education. Peterborough even has multiple French Immersion schools, both Public and Catholic institutions, as well as a Kindergarten to Grade 12 program at École Catholique Monseigneur-Jamot. When you call Peterborough and Nature's Edge home you can rest assured that your kids will have no shortage of opportunities for a quality education.

Discover the elementary schools that are available to residents of Nature’s Edge:

Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools in Peterborough

From physical education to civics, freshman to senior, Peterborough has a large collection of secondary schools offering a wide assortment of programs. Peterborough is home to Catholic and Public high schools with some offering French Immersion programs to carry on your child’s education from elementary school. For those students more artistically inclined, Peterborough is home to renowned art school Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School, whose Integrated Arts Program is designed to positively combine artistry with academia to create a unique curriculum perfect for those who want to pursue a career in the arts.

Discover the secondary schools that are available to residents of Nature’s Edge:


Private Schools in Peterborough

Throughout Peterborough there are also Private and Montessori schools available for families who prefer this type of academic institution. Maria Montessori’s educational method which promotes self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play has risen in popularity, offering a unique learning experience for kids. For high school aged children, located in Lakefield, just 25 minutes from Nature’s Edge, is Lakefield College School. Founded in 1879, LCS remains one of the nations’ most esteemed private schools, with some particularly notable alumni.

Learn more about the Private and Montessori educational facilities in Peterborough:

Post Secondary Schools

Post Secondary Schools in Peterborough

When your children get a little older or if you would like to expand on your education, you can explore one of Peterborough’s post secondary schools with programs that vary, including Seneca College’s aviation program housed at the Peterborough Airport, or even a subject as niche as Trent University’s ground-breaking Circumpolar Studies Diploma.

Trent University

Trent University in Peterborough

As Ontario’s #1 Undergraduate university for 11 years in a row, and 3rd Canada-wide, Trent University is considered one of the best universities in the world. Besides being the host of the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies, Trent has prestigious programs in environmental studies, nursing, business, and more, along with 12 varsity sports teams, more than 100 student clubs, and, perhaps best of all, approximately 1400 acres of property with 30kms of hiking trails. With 12,000+ students across two campuses, Trent University is a great option for those looking for a world-class education in Peterborough.

Fleming College

Fleming College in Peterborough

For a hands-on educational approach, Fleming College is the perfect place. Fleming is made up of a variety of schools to give lifelong learners the opportunity to pursue their interests. From the Haliburton School of Art and Design, to the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, to the School of Trades and Technology, Fleming offers a variety of programs for lifelong learners. With part time and online learning opportunities, it’s easier than ever to pursue a degree and dive deep into your interests and passions.

Seneca College Peterborough Campus

Seneca College Peterborough Campus

Is there an aspiring pilot in your family? For those interested in all things aviation technology, there’s an academic haven for you in Peterborough! Seneca College’s Peterborough campus is located at the Peterborough Airport and offers a higher education in aviation for those who have a passion for flight.

From daycare to university, there are many educational options for students living in Peterborough. Living at Nature’s Edge means that your family has easy access to any of the schools listed in this article and more. We hope that this list acts as a jumping off point as you start your search for the perfect school or schools for your family.

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