Peterborough Eats – Diverse Flavours and Selections

Living in Peterborough puts Nature’s Edge residents in the perfect position to travel the world through delicious international cuisines from all over the globe! Any day of the week you can experience many delectable dishes from over 200 restaurants, bars, and eateries throughout Downtown Peterborough, from authentic Vietnamese pho to locally sourced sausages to authentic sopes and more. When you’re wondering where to eat in Peterborough, check out our list to find a new favourite or rediscover a classic. First up, take a trip to France…

Crepes of Wrath

Whether you’re feeling sweet or savoury, Crepes of Wrath on Hunter Street happily obliges. With unique sweet options like the Blanche Devereaux or the Lemony Snickett and varied savoury dishes for vegetarians and omnivores alike (Bobby the Brain’s Ham & Egger is a classic), you can never go wrong when you order a crepe!

Crepes of Wrath in Peterborough

Taso’s Restaurant

Cheerful staff, phenomenal food, a perfect George Street location, and filling serving sizes are just a few of the reasons you should check out Taso’s restaurant. Choose from various Mediterranean dishes, from sumptuous souvlaki to fresh arancini to crispy paninis and beyond. Try one of their signature pizzas to get a true taste of what Taso’s has to offer.

Taso's Restauran in Peterborough

La Hacienda

Take a trip to Mexico when you visit La Hacienda! Located on Hunter Street, this restaurant is known for its authentic dishes, tasty margaritas, and excellent service. Sit on the patio and enjoy your margarita and any of the delicious platillos (plah-ti-yos)—the patio is even dog friendly, so you can bring your four-legged friend along.

La Hacienda in Peterborough

Sam’s Place Deli

Sam's Place is a modern deli with old world flavour, evoking the classic taste of delis from all over the world. All meats are locally sourced, then cured and smoked in house. Sandwiches like the Club Amsterdam are made to order while soups, salads and desserts are prepared daily with care for anyone who stops into this Hunter Street haven.

Sam's Place Deli in Peterborough

Hanoi House

Experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Hanoi House with two locations so you can always get a delicious meal. Spend an evening enjoying fresh oysters at the Hunter Street location or grab some pho for lunch at the Lansdowne location next time you’re craving Vietnamese food.

Hanoi House in Peterborough

Cork and Bean

Come for the coffee but stay for the sandwiches! Enjoy a variety of savoury dishes, sweet treats, delectable brews and a fine selection of spirits when you visit Cork and Bean. Stop by this George Street favourite any time of day and grab a delicious hometown style coffee to complement your meal. Cork and Bean makes perfect food for picnics.

Cork and Bean in Peterborough

Here are a few more of Peterborough’s favourite eateries you can check out next time you’re wondering what to eat for dinner:

Where will you eat tonight? Will you eat a whole plate of spanakopita on the patio at Taso’s? Or perhaps you’re in the mood for the perfect roast beef sandwich? No matter where you choose to eat, you’re sure to be transported! Downtown Peterborough is less than 10 minutes away for Nature’s Edge residents, so there’s always time to go on a culinary journey. To keep up with all things Nature’s Edge, catch up with us on Instagram and Facebook.