3 Spring Cleaning Tips, Tricks, and Hints

It’s March, which means that it’s time to start Spring Cleaning! It’s during this time of year that most people start looking around their homes and getting the urge to organize, declutter and clean. At Nature’s Edge, we put together a quick list of tips, tricks and hints to help you organize your home in spring or any other season—this list is perfect to revisit before a move or before the holidays (you may even be able to find some re-gifts using these methods).

Don’t Know Where to Start?

If you look at your space and think, “Where do I even start?”, pick one of these 3 cleaning prompts to get you going.

  • Start Small

    If you have a large room or space to clean, don’t be overwhelmed! Start with a drawer, a jewellery box, or any other small piece of furniture. Every little bit accumulates over time until eventually your space is completely tidy.

  • Start From Zero

    There’s something so fulfilling about organizing a clean and empty cupboard, drawer, or closet, isn’t there? We recommend emptying out whatever you’re going to organize, cleaning it, and then organizing—unwanted items will already be out of the space, so they’ll be harder to put back.

  • Start From the Top

    When cleaning, always start from the top and work your way down to avoid getting dust or debris on your lower shelves. When organizing, use the top or upper levels to store your less used items to prioritize frequently used items at eye level.

Where to Start? New Home in Peterborough

Create a Checklist

To help keep organized when cleaning your home, try creating or finding a checklist to help you stay on track. And what feels better than enthusiastically checking something off a list?

Here are a few lists to help you create a cleaning schedule that’s right for you!

For a guideline on how often you should be cleaning your sheets, windows, mattress, and more, check out this useful infographic from Henry Hoover! How often do you wash or clean these home essentials?

Create a Checklist for your New Home in Peterborough

Go Natural

Go green when you clean! Often you can combine natural products you already have around your house to create a mixture that will clean anything, from the formal brass in your cabinets to the grout in your bathroom. Using these household blends to clean your home is a great eco-friendly option for those looking to use fewer harsh cleaners. Here are some recipes to get you started:

Go Natural for your New Home in Peterborough

For cleaner grout

  • Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until you have a paste
  • Spread the paste on your grout, leave for 10 minutes
  • Scrub, scrub, scrub!
  • Clean off your tiles and enjoy cleaner, brighter grout!

For cleaner grout for your New Home in Peterborough

For cleaner glass

  • Fill a spray bottle with ¼ cup vinegar, 2 cups of water, a dash of dish soap, and your favourite essential oil
  • Shake vigorously
  • Spray on your glass and clean off with a squeegee or microfibre cloth
  • Use on your mirrors, glass shower, windows, and watch them sparkle!
For cleaner glass for your New Home in Peterborough

For cleaner walls

  • First dust your walls to avoid build up when cleaning
  • Mix roughly 1 tbsp dish soap with 2 tbsp white vinegar and 4 cups of hot water in a spray bottle or bowl
  • Use a cloth or squeegee mop to clean your walls along with your solution
  • Enjoy your streak and fingerprint free walls!

For cleaner walls for your New Home in Peterborough

As you organize, declutter, and clean, we hope you consider donating your gently used and unwanted items to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore or another organization that you support. Your donation could make a difference in someone’s life! We hope this list of tips, tricks, and hints helps you as you start your Spring Cleaning journey this year.

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